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Release time: 2017 - 12 - 02
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SSFF150 Contract Come into EffectFuzhou, China,02-12-2017 The Contract of SSFF150 to be built in Fujian, China officially come into effect on December 2nd 2017. The construction will be started from January 2018 with stocking planned for the third quarter of the year.
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Release time: 2017 - 11 - 06
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Release time: 2017 - 06 - 16
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De Maas Signed a Four-Party Cooperation Agreement for SSFFNingde, China,15-06-2017De Maas has signed a four-party cooperation agreement with Fujian Shipbuilding Industrial Group Company Ltd(FSIGC), Fuding Government and Fuding Seagull Fishing Food Co., Ltd.The signing ceremony is co-organized by Ningde Government and State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Fujian Province.The agreement states the cooperation framework of four parties to develop offshore farming. Total investment value is rmb1billion includes 5 new built SSFF300 and farming costs.
Release time: 2017 - 06 - 08
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Fuzhou, China,07-06-2017June 7th, De Maas and Fujian Shipbuilding Industrial Group Company Limited(FSIGC) led the financing promotion meeting in Fuzhou.De Maas, FSIGC, Fuding City State-owned Properties Investment&Management Co.,Ltd, Fuding Seagull Fishing Food Co., Ltd. and more than 6 investment companies attended.At the meeting, Mr. Philip Schreven, director of De Maas has introduced the design of SSFF and project prospects.Vice president Mr. Chen Guangcan and Vice president Mr. Li Zhenjun of FSIGC introduced the project background and cooperation framework. The chairman of Fuding City State-owned Properties Investment&Management Co., Ltd, Mr. Lin Jiahua expressed the determination of government to promote offshore farming, and is willing to establish a win-win partnership with ...
Release time: 2017 - 04 - 11
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Haikou, China,10-04-2017De Maas signed a charter contract for 2 offshore fish-farm units (SSFF-300) with Lingao Haifeng Breeding Development Co.,Ltd,an established and reputable farming company of golden pompano in Hainan, China, and has chosen De Maas' SSFF design to allow them to move away from the shore into offshore waters providing a more sustainable solution to the environment and a high quality fish due to increased welfare offshore. The planned location of the SSFF-300 will be North East of Sanya, Hainan Island, an offshore area occasionally visited by Typhoons. De Maas' SSFF design allows the fish pen to submerge during these conditions and keep the fish as well as the fish pen safe from bad weather. The SSFF-300 will have an effective volume of 300,000m3 and will be the largest o...
Release time: 2017 - 03 - 29
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In addition to innovative large- scale fish farm concepts, the trend toward offshore fish farming also requires the development of related systems, such as a fish farm cleaning system. On behalf of its client De Maas SMC, Dutch subsea technology company Seatools, has completed a feasibility and conceptual design study on a Remotely Operated Mort Collector (ROMC). The study resulted in a highly automated mort collection system capable of effectively collecting dead fish in large- scale offshore fish farms as currently developed by De Maas SMC.  This system facilitates efficient and reliable fish-farming operations in hostile and remote offshore environments. By taking a highly structural design approach, Seatools designed and evaluated multiple potential solutions for the various...
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