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China, De Maas charge ahead with offshore aquaculture

In the media: China, De Maas charge ahead with offshore aquaculture


"China, De Maas charge ahead with offshore aquaculture”. Oct. 1, 2018, Louis Harkell.

Beijing is more focused on environmental issues. From digging up unlicensed shrimp ponds to closing polluting seafood processing factories, aquaculture is one of many sectors which have been targeted for a clean-up. “The government is very committed to reducing pollution from aquaculture,” an executive at a Hainan-based near-shore marine fish farmer told Undercurrent at the World Seafood Shanghai Exposition in August. “So we need to move away from the shore. If we are to supply enough fish for China’s population we have not choice.”

“The focus is on reducing weight while still having a large volume and being able to go through a typhoon. Certain equipment you need -- like pumps and feeding systems -- become bigger as you go offshore. But those costs you can account for by farming more fish. There’s not much to tweak there. But in terms of the design, there’s things you can do”.

“Submerging the pen underwater during storms is one of these key features. According to Schreven, this allows it to move out of the ‘wave zone’, where forces during a storm are strongest.”

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